autoGraph Awarded U.S. Patent for Advanced Profile & Gesture Technology

autoGraph, a company whose powerful personalization technology enables mobile marketers to build deeper relationships with consumers while maintaining their data privacy, has been awarded a patent (No. 8,840,013) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its “Consumer Self-Profiling GUI, Analysis and Rapid Information Presentation Tools.”

Some of the patent’s highlights include adding consumer information such as characteristics and brand preferences into profiles. One such method of addition includes the use of autoGraph’s unique user gesture known as a Swote™ (“swipe + vote input”).

“Receiving our first U.S. patent is a major milestone for autoGraph and something both our inventors and consumers should celebrate,” said autoGraph CEO Henry Lawson. “The patent protects both our technology and consumers who can enjoy an open relationship with marketers based on the preferences they want to be marketed to—this has shown to be a genuine win-win for consumers and our clients.”

The patent covers aspects of company’s profile technology along with the “Swote” gesture (SWOTE is a trademarked term meaning SWipe+vOTE). The gesture can be used on a touch screen device and allows consumers to intuitively indicate personal preferences for culturally relevant images such as brands, TV programs, musicians and movies by swiping up (to like) and down (to dislike) on mobile device apps, as well as web pages.

These preferences are then collected to create a personalized multidimensional interest graph. This interest graph can be used to select ads and other content tailored for each consumer’s unique interest graph. Thus, consumers only receive information in which they are interested from marketers on their mobile devices. According to the company, more than 94 percent of consumers opt-in to apps developed by autoGraph and its partners. For marketers, response rates typically increase 10x.

The technology is being used by major shopping venues like Westfield UK and The Crown Estate’s Regent Street, major mobile carriers and banks worldwide, and shortly in media and travel applications.