• 5G Operators
    autoGraph Overview

    5G Operators Win by using autoGraph

    The advent of 5G will provide an unprecedented opportunity for mobile network operators to create strong trust bonds with their customers. In the always-connected world of 5G, protecting personal data and privacy will be more important than ever and autoGraph Connect is a key technology for solving this problem. [READ MORE]

  • autoGraph Overview

    Solving the Privacy-Personalization Paradox

    Customers provide preferences that autoGraph turns into personalized content. Personalization drives engagement, revenue and brand loyalty. Additionally, autoGraph enables multiple opportunities for customers to provide opt-in permissions. [READ MORE]

  • autoGraph Overview

    Risk Free Revenue Share Model

    New revenue is generated through the effectiveness of autoGraph’s AI that translates user preferences into personally targeted content and advertising offers. Clients can choose between paying a licence fee or receiving receive a share of the revenue generated. [READ MORE]

"Our opt-in rate jumped to 97% with autoGraph, compared to the 1.5% to 2% rate we had with our old platform. This allowed us to generate significant new revenues from our exisitng subscribers." [READ MORE]
- Head of mCommerce, Top 4 UK Mobile Operator