Vodafone UK sees 2x Increase in Mobile Ad Revenue

With autoGraph, Vodafone UK delivered a 2x increase in ad revenue by significantly improving both the opt-in rate and number of customer atttributes.


Vodafone, from its base in Newbury, UK, owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries. The company ranks second (behind China Mobile) in number of connections (nearly half a billion) and ranks 5th worldwide in terms of operator revenue.

Vodafone UK created an app to inform customers about their new Vodafone Select brand, encourage customers to opt-in to marketing communications and profiling and to improve loyalty and retention.

When Vodafone decided to build a mobile commerce business starting with mobile advertising, joining forces with two other UK carriers in a joint venture, it needed to build and accelerate its consumer awareness, proposition and ultimately its reach.


Vodafone adopted the autoGraph® cloud-based, patented technology that quantifies and scores consumers’ motivations, desires and aspirations.

autoGraph partnered with the Vodafone team to create Vodafone Select, a mobile app offering Vodafone customers targeted content and offers.

“We were surprised by how much our users enjoyed the autoGraph-powered app and the precisely targeted offerings,” recalled the former Head of mCommerce at Vodafone, who headed the mobile marketing efforts at the time. “We actually received messages from customers thanking us for the app, and sometimes customers would request that an offer be re-sent because it had been accidentally deleted at their end.”


50x Jump in Opt-Ins

The volume of customers willing to opt in to receive marketing content was a key revenue driver for Vodafone UK. Vodafone was impressed with the immediacy of the autoGraph results. “We saw a 50 times jump in our opt-ins rate,” recalled the Head of mCommerce. “Our opt-in rate jumped to 97% with autoGraph, compared to the 1.5% to 2% rate we had with our old platform.”

Vodafone attributed the high opt-in rates to the way that autoGraph involves the customer. “The fact that our customers generated their own profiles seemed to have created a very strong sense of trust,” the Head of mCommerce said. “Nearly everyone who downloaded the app, completed a profile and opted in.”

4x Attributes delivered 2x Revenue

The Vodafone team found that within the first few months after deployment of autoGraph, revenue from its mobile advertising business had doubled. The team credits the increased revenue to the rapid growth of opt-ins combined with the ability to more precisely target its offerings through use of data from the autoGraph.

Not only did more customers allow their data to be used for marketing purposes, autoGraph provided the type of customer attributes that advertisers were looking for. Through autoGraph, Vodafone UK achieved 4x saleable attributes for each customer than it had by mining CRM, location and browsing behavior.

Engagement via Personalization

Over 98% of users created a profile so that Vodafone Select would personalize the content shown to them. Each user received a unique set of content that was ranked to their own profile and previous use of the app.

With effective content marketing Vodafone Select consistently achieved +70% of downloads active every month. Even though many content offers were not unique to the app, through effective editorial and image management, autoGraph delivered up to 10x improvements in open rates and 6x improvements in redemption rates for generic content.

Customer value was not always driven by saving money. Saving time and improving the customer’s life were also valued rewards that kept customers active and loyal. Indeed, the most engaging content were editorial items such as Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend that posted every Thursday giving customers value by helping them plan their free time.