Top-3 US Operator Gains 26% opt-ins in 1 day using autoGraph


One of the three largest wireless operators in the United States is redefining the way customers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The company, with some 50,000 employees, serves some 70 million customers.

Driven by a focus on creating a great customer experience, the company created a widely popular app with several million users that each week thanks its customers with recurring gifts, coupons, and a chance to win big prizes. The company has partnered with leading brands, including Papa John’s, Wendy’s, VUDU, Universal Studios, Lyft and StubHub, and a wealth of others.

To keep pace with the wide popularity of its weekly app, the company wanted to gain insights into what promotions different customers would most value. And, because of its customer dedication, it wanted to ensure that any information gained about product preferences would only be used on an opt-in basis.


The company turned to the autoGraph® cloud-based, patented technology that quantifies and scores customer motivations, desires and aspirations.

The power of autoGraph is an extraordinarily effective form of customer-driven marketing artificial intelligence (AI) that allows customers to create and share their own profile data.

autoGraph worked closely with the carrier’s mobile app team to create a creative implementation to be part of the weekly package delivered on the November 8th morning of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The operator invited users to vote for their favorite products— with the simple incentive that their opinions would be used to select future promotional offerings.

Customers were presented 30 product logos and invited to tap them once to indicate they liked it, or twice to say no. Behind the scenes, autoGraph algorithms were generating precision user profiles to guide offer targeting. autoGraph also incorporates machine learnings from all of its other customer interactions. The result is a powerful crowd sourced marketing AI platform, delivered with an intuitive dashboard and rich reporting. Adding to the fun, users could compare votes with others giving the solution a viral component. The operator used the brands and categories that were most popular as the basis for future offerings.


26% of App User Base Opted In

The autoGraph implementation was the highest performing content of the November 8 promotional offering. The company reports that the 1-day appearance of the voting within the carrier’s app resulted in 26% of its engaged users casting votes that created their profiles and opting in for their profiles to be used for future personalization.

“To get 26% of your user base to opt-in from a single-day promotion was awesome,” notes the Senior Manager for Mobile Advertising, at the wireless operator. “Three more days like that and you’re covered.”

Insights with autoGraph’s Dashboard

The operator was impressed with the insights that flowed into the autoGraph dashboard in real time as users voted on products to create their autoGraph personal profiles.

“In the middle of the day our commercial director, who is responsible for sourcing content for our weekly promotional app, actually got on the phone with the CEO of a major clothing company and said: ‘We have to do a deal,’” the Senior Manager for Mobile Advertising, recalls. “Our commercial director walked the clothing CEO through what we were learning, and basically said, ‘Our users love your stuff and this is what they want to buy. Let’s do a campaign!’.