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    New Revenue for Mobile Operators

    Mobile Operators can avoid becoming a commodity by delivering value added “connected experiences”. autoGraph helps operators deliver these connected experiences in under a quarter and generate significant new revenues from their existing subscribers. [READ MORE]

Market Insights

AI: Personalization Changes Customer Behavior

Personalization Changes Customer Behavior Analytics are great and AI has been instrumental in finding insights, segmenting customers and creating data visualizations to help marketing understand their customer.  However, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are [READ MORE]

Case Study

Is 50 redemptions worth 17,925 Opt Outs?

Are 50 units of incremental sales worth 17,925 customer opt-ins? Some may say it depends on the value of each incremental sale unit. However, the loss of 12% of the CRM base marketing consent from the targeted audience should be alarming!  Opt-ins are becoming a key campaign KPI along with reach and redemptions as this case study proves. [READ MORE]

Market Insights

Trust Marketing: In Conversation with Henry Lawson

Trust Marketing gives the customer control of their information.  Past purchase history, past search history and past channel transactions are not indicators of future customer behavior.  In order to learn what affinities and aspirations your customers’ desire, you have to discover their motivations first. Henry Lawson, CEO explains how autoGraph builds and maintains trust between brands and customers. [READ MORE]

Market Insights

The New 4P’s of Marketing

Neil H. Borden, in 1964, gifted the world with the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This concept has been a cornerstone of business marketing. However, there are a new 4Ps of Marketing [READ MORE]

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Permissions Best Practice

When it comes to opt-ins, shady tricks and hidden agendas will not work to build genuine connections with your customers. With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into place in May 2018, as famed lawyer [READ MORE]

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ICO Issues GDPR Guide for Brands

The UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham calls for brands to be more “transparent with their uses of customer data”. As the ICO is tasked with tackling the General Data Protection Regulation and has revealed that [READ MORE]

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GDPR & Profiling Report with DataIQ

The General Data Protection Regulation implies that marketers must reconsider their application of customer data in decision making. But what does this mean to the process of consumer profiling? It’s clear the General Data Protection [READ MORE]