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Happy ‘n’ Healthy!

autoGraph is the future of data privacy. Marketing opt-in rates among brands that use autoGraph increase up to 700% and their digital advertising and content revenue has ballooned 200% to 800%. Here, we share our learnings of Food & Drink habits of football and tennis fans (infographic) based on 500,000 autoGraph profiles and how brands can use autoGraph can deliver engaging customer experiences. [READ MORE]

5G Operators
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5G Operators Win by using autoGraph

The advent of 5G will provide an unprecedented opportunity for mobile network operators to create strong trust bonds with their customers. In the always-connected world of 5G, protecting personal data and privacy will be more important than ever and autoGraph Connect is a key technology for solving this problem. [READ MORE]


autoGraph to attend Arch Summit

Henry Lawson, CEO autoGraph Inc. will be presenting autoGraph’s latest implementations focusing on the unique benefits mobile operators have to be part of the future of data privacy and generate new, significant digital revenue from their existing subscribers. [READ MORE]

facebook third party data
Market Insights

Surf the Opt Out Tsunami

Beyond Facebook and Third Party Data: Trust Marketing through First Party Opt-ins.  Among heightened privacy concerns and Facebook cutting out third-party data providers, autoGraph shows the value of gaining first party opt-ins and treating customer data with respect. [READ MORE]


autoGraph named as a Forrester Top Privacy Vendor

Forrester’s Report “Top 13 Technology Trends for Security & Risk Professionals 2016” The report compiled by Forrester’s leading data privacy analysts includes the “disruptive security vendors and technologies that brands should pilot in their industries [READ MORE]


autoGraph Awarded U.S. Patent for Advanced Profile & Gesture Technology

“Receiving our first U.S. patent is a major milestone for autoGraph and something both our inventors and consumers should celebrate,” said autoGraph CEO Henry Lawson. “The patent protects both our technology and consumers who can enjoy an open relationship with marketers based on the preferences they want to be marketed to—this has shown to be a genuine win-win for consumers and our clients.” [READ MORE]