Risk Free Revenue Share Model

“Where shall we deposit your revenue share?”

autoGraph asks the question that every mobile operator wants to hear: “Where shall we deposit your revenue share?”

New revenue is generated through the effectiveness of autoGraph’s AI that translates user preferences into personally targeted content and advertising offers. Clients can choose between paying a license fee or receiving receive a share of the revenue generated.

A Look at the Mobile Operator’s Problem

Operators are being pressured from two sides. On one side, consumer demand for flat-rate pricing for data plans has caused a significant decline in per-unit data revenue, as shown in the figure below. From the other side, operators are being pressured by the need to serve an exponential growth in the data demands of consumers.

Operators - Pressure from flat rate pricing and exponential demand

Figure 1. Key trends for data usage, unit revenues and unit costs.

Against this backdrop, operators need a solution that can:
• Create new revenue opportunities from existing subscribers like this Top 3 US Mobile Operator
• Generate high-value and useable customer data as Vodafone UK delivered
• Comply with privacy regulations to stay ahead of public opinion like this Top 3 US Mobile Operator
• Leverage operator competitive advantages against digital companies such as Facebook and Google
• Use all of this to enhance customer loyalty and profitability as the iconic London Regent Street has demonstrated


Top-3 US Operator Gains 26% opt-ins in 1 day using autoGraph
Top 3 US Mobile Operator 3x increase in ad revenue
Vodafone UK sees 2x Increase in Mobile Ad Revenue
Operator Opportunities with Apple's 3rd Party Cookies Decision