Regent Street achieves 13.5x response rate


Regent Street—constructed between 1811 and 1825 and designed by architect John Nash, as one of the first planned developments of London—is a major shopping street in the city’s West End. Named for the Prince Regent, who would later become King George IV, since inception the nearly mile-long street has been noted for its flagship retail stores and quality merchandise.

Today, Regent Street rivals Paris’s Champs-Elysées and New York’s Fifth Avenue as a world-class visitor destination, and attracts some 7.5 million tourists a year, while employing some 20,000 people.

The Regent Street Association, with an eye on the future, embarked on an initiative to turn the world’s first dedicated shopping street into the world’s most advanced dedicated shopping street.


The Regent Street Association commissioned autoGraph to create a mobile app that would provide Regent Street shoppers with a highly personalized shopping experience.

autoGraph combined two technologies:  geofencing beacons that used location awareness to offer content to users within a specified proximity to the store; and cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure personal relevancy of offers.

Engagement was driven by use of the autoGraph® cloud-based patented technology that quantifies and scores consumers’ motivations, desires and aspirations. The powerful foundation of autoGraph is that shoppers create their own profiles, creating an extraordinarily effective form of customer-driven marketing AI.


13.5x Uplift in Marketing Response

Regent Street merchants were delighted with the uplift they enjoyed with content response rates. Typical response rates for branded offers run about 0.6%. With autoGraph targeting, responses soared 10x to 6% and jumped 13.5x to 8% when autoGraph targeting was combined with geofence beacons for immediate proximal delivery.

Along with enhancing the shopping experience n Regent Street, autoGraph are deeply integrated into various events and activities that happen on Regent Street many times providing app exclusive content and functionality to enhance these marketing events.

The autoGraph app had an exclusive Santa Claus tracker during a Christmas parade to keep anxious parents posted on when St. Nick would arrive. For the annual Regent Street Motor Show, the Regent Street app delivers vehicle-specific stories and for NFL, Summer Streets and Chinese New Year, the app has been utilized to deliver exclusive content and competitions.

98.6% of App Users Personalized their Content

Everyone who downloaded the Regent Street app was presented with an opportunity to build their unique autoGraph profile. Users liked the innovative interface.

“We were amazed that 98.6% of those who downloaded the app chose to create a profile and receive customised content,” reports the Director of the Regent Street Association. “We saw this as representing a very high level of user engagement. They seemed to enjoy the process.”

Many shoppers utilize the Regent Street app to plan their visit. Based on the content they view and save, along with their profile, autoGraph delivers a unique, personalized and non-obtrusive experience while shopping. Although 500+ marketing messages are available at any time to send to a shopper, the autoGraph platform ensures only the most relevant are pushed to the shopper’s device.

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