GDPR Compliance & Privacy by Design

Brian Roundtree, CTO, autoGraph Inc.

autoGraph Approach to Personally Identifiable Information

The autoGraph platform has been purposely designed to ensure that every individual customer is protected. Putting the customer first in every aspect of our platform, we make sure to not store any personally identifiable information (PII). As a core principal, our team is dedicated to ensuring that we do not collect, store or utilize any customer data. We believe that the immediacy of the decision to show the customer a piece of content and capture their reaction coupled with our powerful AI engine delivers a better customer experience, and is the cornerstone of our approach to privacy by design.

Personalization & Privacy – with autoGraph you can have both

With changing privacy regulations, it is not just customers who are concerned about how their data is being used. Businesses are too becoming increasingly worried about the responsibilities related to being a data controller. autoGraph’s customer-centric AI marketing platform delivers better business outcomes without using a customer’s personal data. This is a win-win for the brands that use autoGraph because it leads to better outcomes and reduces risk.

autoGraph can deliver advanced decisions without needing customer PII. Our patented AI technology allows us to understand customer behavioral demographics, interests, motivations and affinities in order to deliver personalized experiences that are both private and safe. Whilst traditional loyalty programs take volumes of transactional history to build customer profiles, autoGraph’s customer profiling is crafted in seconds and delivers instant meaning powering the transaction that creates a better overall customer experience.  Customers can add their own identifier to the anonymous autoGraph – with permission of the customer.

Cloud Computing Delivers Scale and Benefits

The autoGraph platform is software-as-a-service (SaaS) and is managed in the ‘The Cloud’. Whilst cloud computing isn’t necessarily as powerful as previous server farms, The Cloud is quicker and more efficient and our choice at autoGraph, because it is flexible for what our clients need. autoGraph also uses managed computing services such as Google App Engine to make sure that autoGraph’s servers are working to ensure maximum availability, have the latest security and peak performance.

Cloud computing platforms are both the present and future of data and businesses need to embrace this change. These platforms go through strict processes because security is paramount to both the design and success of them. AutoGraph has chosen to use managed services from the likes of both Amazon and Google because of their unquestionable dedication to security. With some of the world’s best security teams maintaining their services, autoGraph’s platform is constantly protected.

It’s critical to remember that today’s technology is far different from technology of even ten years ago. Cyber threats are commonplace and there are thousands of security teams who are constantly patching bugs amongst other issues. Cloud computing is no longer managed by one or two people who are just trying to keep up. Top individuals work all over the world to protect the cloud. This truly is the power of cloud computing.