Solving the Privacy-Personalization Paradox


Business Objectives

The autoGraph AI technology is a platform that solves two critical objectives:

  • Gain opt-in permission to capture customer preferences data and to send them personalized content
  • Enhance customer longevity by providing content, offers and advertising that resonate with users

Gaining Opt-In Permissions at Rates of +90%

Our autoGraph platform was originally designed to gain opt-in permissions from companies already operating in global geographies subject to privacy regulations. However, our unusually high success rates in gaining opt-ins—often in excess of 90%—are so high that we caught the attention of operators and other organizations even in areas not currently subject to privacy regulations.

Companies using autoGraphs gain first-party opt-in profiles—the gold standard of privacy compliance—which are willingly granted, transparent, and extremely detailed.

With autoGraph, organizations not only gain the security of knowing all of their users have opted in to receive personalized content and offers, but they also benefit from the precision with which our AI-driven algorithms deliver this targeted content.

Using AI to Delight Opt-In Customers

Gaining opt-in permission is a critically important first step to creating a personalized marketing program. But it is only a first step. What comes next is the delivery of content, offers, and advertising that are personalized and relevant.

Get this step right, and you build customer loyalty and generate new revenue.  Get this step wrong, and you turn off customers and perhaps even drive them away.

The autoGraph AI algorithms integrated into our engaging opt-in experience are so powerful that they give us the ability to delight your customers, tightening the bond, increasing trust and a sense of community between carriers and their consumers.

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