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Beyond Facebook and Third Party Data: Trust Marketing through First Party Opt-ins

Heightened Privacy Concerns and Facebook Cutting Out Third Party Data Providers, Shows the Value of Gaining First Party Opt-Ins and Treating Customer Data with Respect

Consumer privacy has come front and center, after Facebook admitted “we did not do enough to protect people’s data”. Personal data of 87 million of its users had been abused by Facebook’s third party data customers – including Cambridge Analytica.  In response, Facebook has turned off the tap to all third party data providers.

Facebook is just the latest in a parade of headlines that have included Yahoo, Equifax, and Target. Many consumers are exhausted and resentful of the ways their personal actions have been turned into data to sell. As noted in Figure 1, 79% of consumers won’t use a brand again if they learn their data was used without their knowledge.

Figure 1. Establishing trust in a relationship. Image: SAP Hybris


A customer Opt-Out Tsunami is on the way as more data stories make headlines.  Now is the time for brands to break away from third-party data sourcing and move to a future of trust marketing.  Only autoGraph can ensure you safely surf the wave.

A Better Way: First-Party Opt-Ins

Forrester Senior Analyst Jessica Liu comments:

“Today’s empowered consumers not only reject corporate irresponsibility but also seek brands that proactively promote beliefs and values aligned with their own…[and that]…Consumers are waking to the need to discern privacy protection capabilities in the brands they prefer. [Brands can] build your own privacy program as a competitive differentiator….”

Consumer Marketing Conference NYC 2018
Jessica Liu, Forrester

The simple fact is that, when used properly, you can use customer-controlled data to provide customers with a richer, more rewarding online experience.

As Liu points out, a mutually beneficial customer relationship must be established. That relationship must be based upon trust, transparency, and relevancy. Trust and transparency come from the first-person relationship you create with your customers. The simple question of “Can we gather some of your information to provide you with better services?” works wonders.

We call this Trust Marketing, and it is a safer, and far more effective, way to engage with your customers.

Overwhelming Positive Customer Response

At autoGraph we’ve patented a playful and engaging user experience that customers enjoy which results in a unique set of interests and affinities for each customer and positive brand approval.  Forrester named autoGraph a Top Privacy Vendor based on the innovation and impact of autoGraph technology and our ability to solve what they call the “Privacy Personalization Paradox“.

Customers overwhelmingly positively respond to invitations from a brand to safely share data about themselves when the brand asks the right way. Because we establish trust in under 30 seconds, over +84% of customers go on to opt-in to marketing permissions. We’ve boosted customer opt-in rates by over 10x. We’ve also re-permissioned 26% of a customer’s CRM database in less than one day.

Opt Ins Generate New Revenue

Getting opt-ins is just the first step. We then use our autoGraph artificial intelligence (AI) to help you deliver personalized content, offers and ads. Brands that use autoGraph have delivered increases digital advertising and content revenue by 200% to 800%.

This combination of extremely high opt-ins and AI-driven content means that organizations can enhance customer retention and profitability while complying with privacy initiatives such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, and similar privacy movements within the United States.


There is no need to get caught up in the Opt Out Tsumani and customer backlash regarding privacy. You can deliver privacy, personalization and profits. Many brands have already benefited from autoGraph’s approach to Trust Marketing and are reaping the benefits.

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