Contract to Revenue: Your autoGraph Implementation

There are usually many questions about implementing autoGraph.  Our aim is to have you up and running and collecting revenue as soon as possible.  Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about an autoGraph implementation to ensure a smooth, effective implementation.

Implementation Process Overview

autoGraph will assign you a dedicated delivery manager who will lead the implementation project and be your single point of contact.  You will also receive a dedicated account manager who will deal with the commercial side of the implementation such as contract signature, banking details, etc.

It all starts with a 2 hour planning workshop with your team where we guide you through what’s needed in detail, the project critical path and identify resources required from within your business.

The result of this workshop is an action plan, high level project plan and high level technical design.

What does my company need to do?

The workshop will go into detail on these items but essentially a smooth and effective implementation usually requires:

  • A project lead (usually a product, brand or commercial manager) who has responsibility for delivering the autoGraph implementation measured by adherence to launch date and revenue received.
  • A comprehensive and aggressive, cross channel customer communications plan to introduce the new customer experience.  This usually involves email, SMS, social, POS, competitions, web and print.
  • Decide a proposition name and content theme you are offering to your customer.  For example,
    • Today’s Edition:  All of the day’s news in one place
    • Relieve My Boredom:  Entertainment to keep you amused throughout the day
    • Oops! :  Latest Celebrity Fashion & Gossip
    • Get Up, Get Out:  Make the most of your free time with guides on how to spend your evenings and weekends

What about the safety of my brand?

autoGraph will create a brand safe environment for you.  We will require you to:

  • Share your brand guidelines
  • Share you white / black lists for brands and advertising
  • Setup a subdomain (e.g.

From there, we will configure the content and ads accordingly to fit with your standards.  Remember our platform is white label so the customer will expect the entire experience to look like your other customer propositions.

We will also explain our communication processes for how to raise issues (if any) and how to communicate changes and refreshes to these assets.  Plus, post launch, your dedicated account manager will be stopping by at least once a month to discuss how items are progressing so there is always opportunity to plan in major or minor changes.

How long does an implementation usually take?

Our implementations usually take 3 – 6 weeks.  We can work within your desired requirements.  For example, we worked with a client that had two available slots in their customer communication calendar.  One was in 3 weeks and the other was six months later.  In that case, we had everything ready in two weeks which resulted in an extra 6 months of revenue in their pocket!

Further Questions

If you have further questions regarding your specific architecture, how you can collect and use opt-ins from autoGraph, secure data transfer, application programming interfaces, content delivery, content integration, etc. then you are ready for a workshop with us.  Contact us to get started.