Operators Win with GDPR by using autoGraph Connect

Giving Customers “Safe Connect” to Strengthen Bond with Operators in World of 5G

“We believe 5G will … be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile, benefiting entire economies and entire societies.”

“Economists estimate the global economic impact of 5G in new goods and services will reach $12 trillion by 2035 as 5G moves mobile technology from connecting people to people and information, towards connecting people to everything.”

Dan Rosenberg, Executive Vice-President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Qualcomm at the World Economic Forum, 2018

By Brian Roundtree

As mobile network operators know more than anyone, the power of 5G is going to revolutionize the world, ushering in a new age of always-connected communications.

From the Dan Rosenberg quote from the World Economic Forum, 5G “will be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile, benefitting entire economies and entire societies.”

The advent of 5G will also provide an unprecedented opportunity for mobile network operators to create strong trust bonds with their customers. In the always-connected world of 5G, protecting personal data and privacy will be more important than ever, but also more difficult.

Providing Safe Connection

Consumers are weary of their every move online being tracked by Facebook, Google, and other social media organizations. Revelations from the Cambridge Analytica scandal informed users that when Facebook allows you to use your Facebook credentials to log onto other sites, there is a hidden cost: the tracking and mining of your personal data. Consumers have learned that Facebook not only tracks what they do on Facebook, but what they do wherever and whenever Facebook credentials are used elsewhere on the web.

Consumer awareness of the capture and use of their online behaviors will only intensify with 5G because they will be more connected than ever before. And from a regulatory standpoint we can expect to see more privacy initiatives such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, and similar privacy movements within the United States.

Breakout Opportunity for Operators

Mobile network operators can use autoGraph Connect to take advantage of a break-out opportunity by providing customers with a safe and private conduit for traveling across the internet and interacting with sites, while providing only the personal profile data they want—and without the anxiety of having their actions tracked.

Mobile Operators have already created a trusted bond with their customers. Unlike Facebook, Google, and other social sites, which have become infamous for tracking online actions and packaging the results to sell to advertisers and other third-parties, mobile Operators are seen as the safe providers that make all of this global communication possible.

At autoGraph, we help Operators turn compliance into profit through use of our playful and engaging user experience that customers enjoy and find intriguing. We invite customers to “play” and customers respond to this approach with over 93% of customers interacting with the autoGraph experience. Once trust has been established, we ask for marketing permission to use the newly created profile. For Operators worldwide, autoGraph has boosted customer opt-in rates +700%.

Getting opt-ins is just the first step. We then use our autoGraph artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze their interests and then provide them with precisely tailored content and offers. Real-world results show autoGraph AI can increase digital advertising revenue and content engagement by 200% to 800%.

This combination of extremely high opt-ins + AI-driven offers means that organizations can enhance customer retention and profitability while complying with privacy initiatives such as GDPR.

Operators Provide the Safe Connect

With autoGraph, there is no need to track user behavior. We’ve already captured their preferences through the opt-in experience, and behind the scenes our AI continues to refine the user’s profile. Plus, we share our findings with the customer, inviting them to fine tune their own profile.

This means that Operators using autoGraph Connect can offer their customers a Safe Connect web browsing experience as an alternative to Facebook and other social media-based single sign-on services. As autoGraph is a white label service, the customer interacts with the Operator brand and attributes the value of Trust Marketing to the Operator. This ultimately increases loyalty because customers are extracting more value from their relationship with the Operator.

The infrastructure is already standards based. With autoGraph Connect, we use the same OpenID Connect protocol that is the basis of Facebook Connect. OpenID Connect, based on the OAuth 2.0 family of specifications, allows computing clients to verify the identity of an end-user based on the authentication performed by an authorization server, as well as to obtain basic profile information about the customer.

Profiles and Tokens

With autoGraph Connect, the user gets to determine exactly what profile information is shared with the end-user. In fact a customer can have a set of profiles, using one for work-related activities, another for social, another for special interests.

And autoGraph Connect uses a one-time token process to allow a site entry to the selected profile information. The token, and the access it provides, evaporates after each use. The result is that the customer is in control. They decide what can be seen from their end, while benefitting from whatever information they choose to share.

The next time they visit the same site, a different token is used, and from the site’s perspective, it is a different visitor—unknown except for whatever profile data the user wants to share.

A Better Way to Do 5G

Returning to that quote from Dan Rosenberg, “Economists estimate the global economic impact of 5G in new goods and services will reach $12 trillion by 2035 as 5G moves mobile technology from connecting people to people and information, towards connecting people to everything.”

When people are connected to everything, they will want to have a trusted companion. We believe that mobile Operators—using their own branded version of autoGraph Connect—are in an ideal place to become that trusted companion.