MetrosPCS autoGraph case study
Case Study

700% Boost in Opt-ins for Top 3 USA Operator

Situation The pre-paid services unit of a Top-3 US wireless operator sought to increase customer engagement by providing a home-screen news feed that allowed customers to explore a subset of the web without incurring usage [READ MORE]

Case Study

Is 50 redemptions worth 17,925 Opt Outs?

Are 50 units of incremental sales worth 17,925 customer opt-ins? Some may say it depends on the value of each incremental sale unit. However, the loss of 12% of the CRM base marketing consent from the targeted audience should be alarming!  Opt-ins are becoming a key campaign KPI along with reach and redemptions as this case study proves. [READ MORE]

Case Study

Regent Street achieves 13.5x response rate

“We were amazed that 98.6% of those who downloaded the app chose to create a profile and receive customised content,” reports the Director of the Regent Street Association. “We saw this as representing a very high level of user engagement. They seemed to enjoy the process.” [READ MORE]