autoGraph Case Studies

Case Study

Vodafone UK sees 2x Increase in Mobile Ad Revenue

With autoGraph, Vodafone UK delivered a 2x increase in ad revenue by significantly improving both the opt-in rate and customer profiles.  By using autoGraph, Vodafone UK achieved 10x improvements in content open rates and 6x improvements in content redemption rates. [READ MORE]

Case Study

Regent Street achieves 13.5x response rate

“We were amazed that 98.6% of those who downloaded the app chose to create a profile and receive customised content,” reports the Director of the Regent Street Association. “We saw this as representing a very high level of user engagement. They seemed to enjoy the process.” [READ MORE]

MetrosPCS autoGraph case study
Case Study

700% Boost in Opt-ins for Top 3 USA Operator

Gaining opt-in permissions from customers is becoming mission critical for mobile operators. Operators can increase revenue by using artificial intelligence to personalize content and advertising. However, in light of GDPR and other privacy initiatives, customer opt-in is a key KPI for marketing success. [READ MORE]

Case Study

Is 50 redemptions worth 17,925 Opt Outs?

Are 50 units of incremental sales worth 17,925 customers opting out? Some may say it depends on the value of each incremental sale unit. However, the loss of 12% of customer marketing consent from the targeted audience should be alarming!  Opt-ins are becoming a key campaign KPI along with reach and redemption as this case study proves. [READ MORE]