700% Boost in Opt-ins for Top 3 USA Operator

MetrosPCS autoGraph case study


The pre-paid services unit of a Top-3 US wireless operator sought to increase customer engagement by providing a home-screen news feed that allowed customers to explore a subset of the web without incurring usage fees.

The concept proved popular, but in order to monetize the service, the operator wanted to gain customer insights to more precisely target ads. This meant gaining opt-in permission from customers to make use of browsing history and other elements of their personal profile.

Gaining opt-in permissions from customers is becoming mission critical for operators seeking to enhance revenue in an environment of increasingly competitive pricing for data plans. Operators can increase revenue through personalization and artificial intelligence to precisely target ads and offers. But at the same time comply with privacy initiatives such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, and similar privacy movements within the United States.

Against this backdrop, the pre-paid services unit of the Top-3 US operator wanted to ensure that any information gained about product preferences would only be used on an opt-in basis. The operator needed a solution to help it gain opt-ins without turning off customers.


Impressed with what autoGraph® had done for other organizations, including Vodafone, a top-tier European operator, the US operator asked autoGraph to use its technology to boost the operator’s opt-in rates.

autoGraph uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to turn privacy compliance into a profit center and solve the privacy personalization paradox. We accomplish this by creating game-like experiences that gain opt-ins from happy and entertained customers.

metroPCS autoGraph profile Case Study metroPCS autoGraph opt-in Case Study

With autoGraph you achieve opt-ins as customers gamefully provide a wealth of preference data that autoGraph converts to personalized content. The cloud-based, patented autoGraph technology quantifies and scores customers’ motivations, desires and aspirations based on their interaction with the autoGraph customer experience. This fun and responsive experience builds customer loyalty along with generating multiple opportunities for customers to opt in to additional permissions.

For the initial engagement, the operator asked autoGraph to focus solely on increasing opt-ins for customers using the news-feed app.

As a first step, autoGraph analyzed the messaging and incentives the operator was using to attract customers to opt-in.  This included working with the operator’s legal team to apply permissions best practice and create a clear, plain language, easy to understand form to positively opt in. Then autoGraph deployed its trademarked swoteTM (Swipe+Vote) customer experience to invite customers to vote up or down a series of images to indicate their preferences.


700% Increase in Customer Opt-Ins

The autoGraph powered experience helped the operator boost opt-ins by 700% during the first six months of deployment. Customers responded enthusiastically to autoGraph banner ads such as “What your favorite brands say about you.” Once engaged, customers stayed engaged with +84% of customers completing the game-like evaluation of brands.

Behind the scenes autoGraph’s AI algorithms created a unique customer profile based on customer brand preferences. Since the customers enjoyed the process and were shown their resultant profile, they were eager to opt-in.  Not just to allow the autoGraph profile to be used to better serve their needs but also to use of other operator data sources (e.g. location).

MetroPCS autograph GDPR opt-in case study

Efficient A-B Testing

Throughout the campaign, autoGraph worked closely with the operator, performing A-B testing to fine tune the most effective call-to-action messages. In addition, autoGraph also tested which incentives—such as the chance to win a vacation package—worked best.

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MetroPCS autograph GDPR opt-in case study