autoGraph named as a Forrester Top Privacy Vendor

Forrester’s Report “Top 13 Technology Trends for Security & Risk Professionals 2016”

The report compiled by Forrester’s leading data privacy analysts includes the “disruptive security vendors and technologies that brands should pilot in their industries and environments.” With the General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Communications Commission putting increasing pressures on companies for better data uses and transparent consent, this report gives readers an unbiased view of the data policy landscape to enable them to comply with new regulations, quickly and effectively.

autoGraph CEO Henry Lawson says “Forrester’s continued support of autoGraph and User Generated Profiles ensures we are delivering our promise to help brands build trust, enhance customer experience and drive consent from data. We view the new General Data Protection Regulations and the Federal Communications Commission as the new business as usual for data-driven practices”

Purchase the full report from Forrester’s website here.