Operator Opportunities with Apple’s 3rd Party Cookies Decision

By Brian Roundtree, CTO, autoGraph Inc.

Apple Safari to block 3rd Party Cookies

In 2017, Apple made the decision for its Safari browser to start blocking third-party cookies, via the release of its Intelligent Tracking Prevention system. Discouraging cross-site user tracking, this move has the potential to change the Internet ecosystem as we know it today.

Apple’s move is going to have a significant impact and instantly places them in the power seat because the use of Apple’s advertiser ID is going to be the only solution for Safari going forward. With over 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide, it’s imperative to remember that Safari’s share of the worldwide mobile browser market is currently around 30%. Making Apple the main controller in terms of Safari’s dominant position, this decision is going to have a huge influence on brands that are trying to reconnect with users across multiple websites.

Who’s poised to win with this decision?

Whilst Apple’s decision can be described as both negative and positive for the industry, it’s clear that it will not have a negative impact on any overall user experience. Apple are doing your users a service, and are stopping those that live in the ‘dark shadows’ of the world wide web and mine individual customer data without any value to the user. Eliminating third party cookies and increasing the speed of websites, first party cookies will still work on some of the very large web portals available, such as BBC America and NBC News.

Operator’s Opportunities

autoGraph enables Operators to provide user profiles that are consumer friendly and able to connect with different websites as they are being browsed on a mobile device. It’s vital to remember that the user profile isn’t based on browser history but can still allow Operators to discover their subscribers’ likes and dislikes. Paired with autoGraph’s customer-centric AI platform, autoGraph can give MNO’s new revenue; provide detailed learnings about their subscribers’ affinities, passions and desires and all in a safe manner.

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