BBC Breakfast: Why Facebook should Model autoGraph

“Facebook should model autoGraph for providing the optimum mobile experience for consumers that’s on the right side of privacy.”

Amit Pau, Managing Director of Ariadne Capital, spoke to Ben Thompson at BBC Breakfast Live about the power of consumers being in control of their data to drive relevant mobile experiences.

Facebook announced their mobile advertising profits have hit an all time high of $7.1bn in three months since September [2016]. With that staggering number, questions around customer data privacy and how valuable the mobile advertising experience is to consumers have come into play.

Amit Pau says “Looking at the profits, Facebook need to be sensitive about not over flooding their users with irrelevant ads. The experience of mobile advertising should also not infringe data privacy, as we see the new EU regulations coming into force. Lastly, the questions around customer control of their data – we at Ariadne Capital believe that the consumers own the property rights to their data and this should affect how brands treat them. The autoGraph model enables brands like Facebook to drive experience, comply with regulations and builds an open channel with consumers to share their own data”

Watch the video in full below.

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