autoGraph Privacy & Profit

Privacy as a Profit Center

AutoGraph answers two great challenges for mobile operators: how to enhance revenue in an environment of flat-rate pricing for data plans; and how to comply with privacy initiatives such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, and similar privacy movements within the United States.

Digital Advertising & Content Engagement increases between 200% and 800%

Using autoGraph’s customer-driven artificial intelligence (AI), mobile operators can turn privacy compliance into a profit center. Our playful and engaging user experience boosts customer opt-in rates by 50x. Our autoGraph AI has proven it can increase digital advertising revenue and content engagement by 200% to 800%.

For retailers and financial services, autoGraph has delivered as much as 400% increases in content engagement using our patented personalization platform.  We have also delivered a case study comparing the engagement results of segmentation versus personalization.  In this case study, we demonstrate how counting opt-ins lost is a key marketing campaign objective now that we in an era of trust based marketing.

What makes autoGraph successful?

At autoGraph we have created such an enjoyable user experience for achieving customer opt-in that customers enable us to harvest a wealth of volunteered preferences. We provide first-party opt-in profiles—the gold standard of privacy compliance—while applying our AI to deliver personalized content, offers and advertising that generate new revenue. What we call our “power of playfulness” helped one carrier boost customer opt-ins from 1.5% to 97% and create a new & profitable mobile advertising business.


Top-3 US Operator Gains 26% opt-ins in 1 day using autoGraph
Top 3 US Mobile Operator 3x increase in ad revenue
Vodafone UK sees 2x Increase in Mobile Ad Revenue
New Revenue for Mobile Operators